What is Chiropractic and How Can it Help You

Bodnar Chiropractic Center Adjustment RoomChiropractic care is a unique balance of science, philosophy and art. The scientific evidence supporting chiropractic dates back to 1895 when Daniel Palmer discovered the practice and founded the profession. The philosophy can be looked upon as the panacea for back and neck pain, or lifestyle preventive health maintenance. The art is broken down to the chiropractor itself and to technique or methods they use to practice the profession.

It can be argued that some chiropractors are "straights" and only adjust the spine for any condition or some are "mixers" which use other forms of therapies or modalities to treat pain and other forms of disk decreased health or function.

In my assessment, the basic foundation of either method is the nervous system being the master controller of the body's ability to express its innate intelligence or in-born potential. If by any means the nervous system becomes compromised by physical, chemical, or emotional stress the body will not be able to express its full potential and some form of disease will ensue. It is a job of a chiropractor to remove this interference by whatever means possible and restore health and well-being to the body and increase function.

At Bodnar Chiropractic Center, we utilize a variety of techniques to custom-build a care plan based upon each individual patient. The main focus is traditional chiropractic - hands-on adjusting. We also use adjusting instruments based upon the patient tolerance.

Upper back chiropractic adjustement.jpgThere are two types of care offered, one being relief of pain care and the other corrective. Pain care is treating the patient's symptoms only and releasing them on as needed basis. Corrective care is more of a permanent fix - changing the alignment or posture on a more permanent basis. Corrective care takes more time to establish long term results.

Some patients utilize chiropractic on more of a preventative health maintenance basis. These patients use chiropractic on a regular basis to keep their bodies and health at peak performance. Regular chiropractic care can help prevent conditions such as disc degeneration, bone spurs, or arthritis.

Wellness care can help keep your nervous system functioning with the least amount of nerve interference, allowing your body to express its full health potential. Regular chiropractic care is essential to developing a healthy lifestyle.

Chiropractors can also coach you in nutritional counseling, exercise, proper sleep, and stress reduction. All of these are crucial spokes on wheel to health and well-being.

How to Get More Information

The best way to get answers to your questions is to ask the chiropractor Dr. Brian Bodnar - Founder and Owner or Dr. Jason Brown. You can contact Dr. Bodnar or Dr. Brown by email or on the main office number at 703-721-0500.

How to Make an Appointment

Dr. Bodnar and Dr. Brown see Chiropractic patients at Bodnar Chiropractic Center. To make an appointment, call the main office phone number at 703-721-0500.


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Our Services & Our Team

We have a world-class team of provider specializing in chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, reflexology and nutrition. Allow us to highlight some of their experience and expertise.


Casey Corridan is an experienced and licensed Acupuncturist, certified herbalist and Nutritional Health Coach who loves what she does for a living.

She became interested in Acupuncture through her studies and background in psychology. She knew that whatever she would do in this world, it would be working with and helping others. Corridan discovered Chinese and Holistic Medicine through her own need for it and was amazed by the results. In her practice today she is constantly impressed to see how a patients well being and health is improved by combining the art of TCM theory and knowledge with a passion for what she does. Nutrition, herbs and counseling are also strong components of helping each patient feel better and become healthier.

Casey recently moved to Virginia from New York City where she had a very successful practice and looks forward to working with her patients here at Bodnar Chiropractic Center.

If acupuncture has been recommended for you by a friend, family member or medical doctor, but you are apprehensive about making a first appointment, we invite you to learn more about Casey Corridan and our Alexandria VA Acupuncture services.


Dr_Brian_Bodnar_100_100.jpgAt Bodnar Chiropractic Center we have two chiropractors providing top quality chiropractic care using a variety of modern techniques. Their goal is to match the needs and comfort level of the patient with the chiropractic approaches most likely to deliver results.

Like acupuncture, many new patients have questions about chiropractic care and exactly what treatment by a chiropractor involves. Dr. Bodnar is very willing to answer every question and make you an active participant in your own health care.

We encourage you to read more about Dr. Brian Bodnar and the excellent care you'll receive from our team of Alexandria VA chiropractors.

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Bodnar Chiropractic Center

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Client Testimonial

"A family operation! From the moment you walk in the door, to the second you leave you are treated and greeted as part of a family. I have been a patient of Bodnar Chiropractic since the doors opened 12+ years ago and I can honestly say that I have never felt more welcome and taken care of at any other doctor's office..." READ MORE

- Kimberly

"After an accident a few months ago left me with some chronic back pain, I decided to check out some chiropractic services in the area. Bodnar's office came up on my Google search and these guys had a pretty solid rating, so I gave them a try..." READ MORE

 - DCer

"Dr. Bodnar has really been able to help me with my back and neck pain. The staff is wonderful and both Michelle and Dr. Brown are friendly, professional and very knowledgeable additions. The only problem is that Karen is an Eagles fan...it's the only pain they can't fix! (Just kidding, Karen)..." READ MORE

- J


"I've been going to Bodnar Chiropractic for about a year and a half. Dr. Bodnar gave me a full exam and workup and then a no-nonsense evaluation and plan of treatment..." READ MORE

- A

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“I've been going to Casey for 3 years, and her professionalism and diligence never cease to amaze me! But better yet: she cares about her patients wholeheartedly. Every time I go for a visit, she always asks about how I'm doing and takes the time to LISTEN, recommending different treatments and remedies that will help me along to recovery. It's a pleasure to know her, as a person and a practitioner, and I always look forward to my scheduled appointments.”

- Monica M 

“Casey Corridan is not the first acupuncturist I have been to, however I need never go to any other. I first saw her 2 years ago, desperate with sciatica pain and left feeling 80% improved. By the next visit, I was at 100% .We then moved along to other issues I was having. If anything at all is not quite right, tell Casey about it. She'll treat and improve it, and often ...presto...the problem is gone! She is enormously knowledgeable and spot on in her treatment and then she gives a great massage! Finally, its the happy feeling of being in the company of such a lovely and warm human being. You'll see......”

- Sharon S 



Bodnar Chiropractic Center
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