Introduction – Fibromyalgia

Even mentioning the word “Fibromyalgia” sounds nasty enough, and that’s before we understand what it means! In fact the word is derived from one Latin and two Greek words, namely: fibro – that would be Latin for “tissues”, myo – the Greek word for “muscle,” and algos – the Greek word for “pain”. So literally speaking Fibromyalgia translates to “muscle and connective tissue pain”. Also known as FM or FMS, we are looking at a medical disorder which is characterized by chronic and widespread pain. But before we get too technical and you get too scared, perhaps you should make an appointment with one of our well-trained Chiropractors for a proper consultation and professional opinion? Only once we have thoroughly examined you, and been through our complete check list will we be able to discuss a Fibromyalgia treatment program especially for you.

How does Fibromyalgia Affect Us?

The medical disorder known as Fibromyalgia is an often-misunderstood and even undetected condition that results in widespread muscle pain and tenderness, but tends to appear and then disappear again. And, it travels around the body with fatigue and sleep disturbances as its common accomplices too. Cognitive and memory problems are often evident as well, as are physical stiffness and depression and anxiety. Is it widespread we hear you ask – well, here are some statistics relating to the syndrome:

  • Research indicates that it affects somewhere between two and four percent of the population and is predominant among women.
  • At this time, Fibromyalgia can only be detected by a thorough physical examination and feedback session with the patient. There are no laboratory tests available to confirm this diagnosis.
  • Some medical practitioners prescribe medication. However, as Chiropractors we prefer to use patient education, exercise routines and our alternative therapies in Fibromyalgia treatment.

What Brings on Fibromyalgia?

This is a good question and it’s not one that we have a definitive answer for. The causes are different between sufferers, but we also believe that some people carry genes that predispose that person to developing Fibromyalgia. But we hasten to add that it is not the genes alone that result in the disorder. Normally, something triggers the condition, for example, it could be arthritis, or a spine disorder, and it can even arise with trauma and other physical stressors. And emotional stressors can also trigger an outbreak too. Put simply, any of these triggers can result in changes in communications between the brain and spinal cord, as protein and chemical levels alter in our central nervous systems. Look on it as the “pain control switch” in our brains that is set too high in terms of countering our sensations of pain. We recommend a consultation with our experienced Chiropractic team to assess your health in general, and the possibility of your having the medical disorder known as Fibromyalgia in particular. But please don’t stress, as this is not going to help. Rather let us develop a Fibromyalgia treatment program with you.

Fibromyalgia Treatment Conclusions

Although there is no permanent cure for Fibromyalgia at this point in time, we believe there is an effective program that we can introduce you to for relief. We strongly believe in our holistic approach in managing this chronic condition. Why not make an appointment with us down at our chiropractic offices and together we will devise your effective Fibromyalgia treatment program. The program will include taking a “snapshot” of your current lifestyle, and making recommendations that should go a long way towards warding off further occurrences of Fibromyalgia in your body.

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