Migraine Acupuncture and Headache Acupuncture

Acupuncture for Migraines – A Near- Painless Approach

The use of acupuncture for headaches, as well as for many other pain conditions, has a long tradition in the field of alternative medicines. And its effectiveness has been well studied for primary headaches, particularly migraine and tension-type headaches (TTH) too. Headache acupuncture is a complex intervention, requiring close interaction between the therapist and the patient to effectively clear the problem headache. Both migraine acupuncture and acupuncture for headaches treatments are regarded as relatively painless and cost effective forms of therapy and are becoming increasingly more popular here in the U. S.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Migraine Acupuncture

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), two distinct diagnostic paths have been identified for the treatment of pain through acupuncture for headaches. Without getting too technical, let’s start with the meridian diagnosis which focuses on the location of the pain in conjunction with the meridians, or channels that pass through that pain spot. Syndrome diagnosis addresses the internal or external factors influencing the headache and the specific characteristics of the pain before deciding on the correct application of headache acupuncture. There are four meridians involved in headaches, specifically Shaoyang on the temporal sides of the head, Taiyang which covers SI-BL channels around the occipital zones, Yangming on the LI-ST channels on the forehead and Jueyin influencing PC-LR channels around the vertex. The syndromes can be attributed to either excess or deficit, and generally excess syndromes relate to migraine, whereas the deficit syndromes point to tension-type headaches.

Acupuncture for Migraines – Will It Work with My Headache?

When you understand the many different forms of remedial health care available through the ancient practice of Chinese acupuncture, you can begin to appreciate just how beneficial the correct application of acupuncture for headaches can really be. And it is available right here at our modern Bodnar Chiropractic Center in downtown Alexandria, North Virginia. Our resident specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine is available right now for a consultation on the painful subject of your headache. See how you too can benefit after our acupuncture for migraines or headache acupuncture treatment program is mapped out by our specialist after a detailed examination and question and answer session with you. Our programs are holistic, virtually painless and really effective in alleviating your problem headache. And you will not experience any nasty side effects as you might from taking so called wonder drugs either. Why not contact the Bodnar Chiropractic Center right away – the only thing you stand to lose is your headache!

And in Summary

According to research conducted on migraine acupuncture – see “Tension Headaches Respond To Acupuncture” – the consensus is that this form of Traditional Chinese Medicine can be beneficial for patients suffering from terrible headaches and the debilitating side effects of these attacks too. At very least, acupuncture for migraines and headache acupuncture are two alternative forms of treatment that have proven to be as effective as prophylactic drugs used in the control of headache and migraine pain. Furthermore, recent research indicates that in around half of patients, migration acupuncture and acupuncture for headaches actually decreases the frequency of painful headache and migraine attacks for the sufferer. Here at the Bodnar Chiropractic Center, we are well positioned to tackle the problem of head-splitting pain should you be experiencing this problem. The Chinese have known and used the secrets of acupuncture for thousands of years, but now you too can unlock the secret and return to a normal life again.

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